10 Tips to achieve long lasting and flawless makeup base

Most of us feel that we don’t know how to do a good makeup, but do u know by following some tips and tricks you can actually achieve flawless and long lasting makeup. The major problems which we generally face are, that our makeup is looking artificial, dry flakes on our skin, not staying for long etc. So here are some tricks which if followed can help to achieve natural looking makeup.
Tip 1- Know your skin type
One should know its skin type and accordingly choose the foundation base ,So person with dry skin can go for cream based foundation ,or oil based foundation(for extremely dry skin only) and person with oily skin can go for mousse or whipped foundation ,stick foundation or, powder compact foundation, whereas combination skin can apply normal liquid foundation.

Tip 2- Choose the right shade The biggest problem because of which our makeup looks artificial is that we don’t apply right shade of foundation. We all need to understand that foundation is not meant to make you look fairer…

Skincare routine with Innisfree

The way our body needs food to function same way our skin needs good skincare routine to glow. Skincare routine is widely known as CTM routine(C-Cleansing, T-Toning and M-Moisturizing).These 3 steps are Holy Grail steps for the skin, whosoever religiously follows have experienced its benefits on a long run. When it comes to choose products for your CTM routine then everyone have different types of skin and also have different brand preferences .Innisfree is a Korean brand and I personally love all of its products but out of all some of them are my most favourite ones and they are an integral part of my daily CTM routine.

Innisfree green tea cleansing foam-Rs.700/- Innisfree jeju volcanic clay mousse mask-Rs.1450/- Innisfree green tea mineral mist-Rs.900/- Innisfree orchid enriched cream-Rs.2000/- Innisfree eco safety no sebum sun block-Rs.900/- Innisfree Jeju sparkling mineral lotion-Rs.1400/- Innisfree whitening pore sleeping pack-Rs.1500/-

Innisfree green tea cleansing foam


Trend of Highlighters and Strobing in Makeup!!

There was a time when matt and subtle were considered to be the most high end and elegant makeup looks, but these days era loves to have dewy, glowing, luminous radiant on their face. Nowadays it is very difficult to describe the most beautiful or glowing skin because the concept of whitening is out of the picture and the slogan of “Love your complexion” is in trend. Hence a complexion which looks “lit from within” is considered to be the most amazing skin in the world and to bring up that look highlighters were launched.
Earlier blushers used to have some shinny particles in it which brings glow to the cheeks, but only that much glow was not enough for makeup artists so they started using silver or golden glitters on highest points of the face like cheek bones, tip of your nose, cupid bows and between your eyebrows.

History of Highlighting…. Nobody ever realized the need of highlighters in makeup because in 20th century in Hollywood where most filming was done outdoors in daylight and t…

Best products for oily and acne prone skin!!

Hi All,

Raise your hand if u have oily skinπŸ™‹!!!

Today I am here for you people ,I know most of you feel that having oily skin requires extra care and attention as you have to wipe your face to remove the sebum especially on your T zone area(which includes forehead,nose and upper-lip) addition to that oily skin can also suffer from acne.(Dont you worry at all I can Completely understand your pain as I belong to the same family)Lolzz.

Earlier I used to feel that oily skin type is the most un-healthy type of skin but later on I realized that for us grass is always greener on the other side.As according to a dermatologist , Our skin's main function is to protect you and for that it goes through lot of expense to produce natural oils to keep moisture in and irritants out.But if we follow a healthy diet and skincare routine then we can actually control the level of sebum produced by our skin.In case anybody feels that dry skin people are lucky ones so you must know that they face diff…

My Top 8 Nude Lipsticks available in India !!

Hello Lovely Ladies!!

I am sure every women loves to wear Lipstick....

 But Do u Know-

First ever man made lipstick appeared around four to five thousand years ago in ancient Mesopotamia.There women used to grind precious gems and decorate lips with its dust.😚.

Since then till now 80% of the American women regularly wear lipstick and over 25% wont leave house without it.πŸ˜™.

I am sure you will be amazed to know that first swivel up lipstick in a tube was appeared in 1923 and at some point of time US was acceptable to apply lipstick in public during lunch time but never at dinner.

It is said that women who wear lipstick daily (even on sick days) unintentionally eat about 4 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime.

Research also says that sales of Lipstick tends to go up more on gloomy or rainy days.....Do u guys agree????πŸ˜• I dont because I love to buy and apply lipsticks in all the seasons.(Story of a makeup freakπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰).

Nowadays every women loves to have that instant pop up on her face by applyi…

Innisfree Bija trouble lotion Review

Hello Beauties!!
In past few years Korean Skincare has made its remarkable place in India, and out of all Korean brands Innisfree has made a special place in the heart of skin cautious Indians by opening stores in Delhi, Delhi NCR and Mumbai.

Like every other girl, I am also skin cautious and loves to try different new products launched in the market because the thought behind every new purchase is that “We never know which product suits us and provide us that dream like healthy and glowing skin”!! So with the same thought I purchased Innisfree Bija trouble lotion to relax and cure my acne prone skin.

PRICE- Rs.1100/- for 100ML .
PACKAGING- It comes in a tube packaging which makes it easier to use and carry. The cap is sturdy and tight enough for the lotion to pop out itself.
INGREDIENTS- Two major ingredients in the lotion are- ·Bija Seeds-which is a rare ingredient that can only be used after they have survived 20 years in the wild.Bija is a hardy property which gently smoothens and enhan…